What we do

This is what it's all about - activities that offer challenge, excitement and adventure and the knowledge you pick up along the way through structured lectures and first-hand experience.

Don't worry about being thrown in at the deep end. You’ll join the squadron as a trial, when you get to know the other cadets and start basic training. You then get gradually introduced to activities as you progress, so you can make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Adventure Training, Band, Camps, D of E, Fieldcraft, Flying and gliding, Shooting and sport are just a few of the activities on offer at the Squadron, so to keep things simple we've broken it down into areas which you can access using the links to the side, or read on for a breif summary.

Get out and active

Cadet life is about learning through practical experience, especially in the great outdoors! Here's a taster of what's in store.

Adventure Training & sport

From rock climbing, sailing and kayaking, AT is an essential part of our training. Bring out your competitive side with our sports and fitness activities from 5-aside to athletics.

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Fieldcraft & Target Shooting

This is where we put down the blue uniform and get into our cammoflauge gear. Fieldcraft which teaches cadet military skills in the field and target shooting teach cadets important skills.

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Camps & Visits

We take cadets to many different RAF Camps and visits throughout the year. From day visits to working RAF stations to 2 week adventure training camps or work experience in Cyprus.

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Get Airbourne

Flying is central to our purpose and your cadet experience. You'll have loads of opportunities to take to the skies.


Taking to the air is a key experience for any Air Cadet. We give our cadets regular opportunies to fly in our powered aircraft based at 8AEF RAF Cosford.

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Glider piloting is an important part of training, whilst our AEF will give you the experience of flying, our glider fleet (powered and non powered) can give a cadet their first taste of the skies.

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Pilot Schemes

Prove that you have the aptitude for flying and you could bag yourself a prestigious flying scholarship. From gaining your glider wings by going solo or even your PPL's is all up for grabs.

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Set yourself apart

Aside from all the great experiences and new skills you’ll gain as an air cadet, you can also take away real qualifications.

Think you can lead?

Leadership is a massive part of our training syllabus and ethos. Cadets are expected to look after themselves and take on responsabilities. As you become more experienced there is the chance for promotion through the ranks, taking command and developing your leadership skills.

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Training Syllabus

Aside from all the great experiences and new skills you’ll gain as an Air Cadet, you can also take away real qualifications that will set you apart from the crowd when you head to university or begin your chosen career.

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